Happy Family


A Safe Place for Trauma Survivors to Get Unstuck, Promote Resiliency, and Build Spiritual & Mental Wellness

As a certified professional life coach and board-certified licensed therapist, I'm deeply committed to meeting you where you are, help you feel safe and break down the barriers that is keeping you stuck after a traumatic event (without judgment or shame). My practice focuses on trauma. My goal is to partner with you to design a plan and support you with a more fulfilling life!
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Here For You


I strive to use my expertise in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for you.

My trauma informed practice serves teen and young adult trauma survivors by helping them feel heard, and validated, while transforming the mind, body, and soul. My trauma informed care, multicultural competency, and clinical experience in community settings has been proven invaluable to my clients. My passion has been to help break the stigmas of mental health and trauma amongst teens and young adult BIPOC and marginalized groups of people who also struggle with spiritual wellness. I would love to partner with you to design a plan to overcome past trauma and get you moving again. 

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Krashelle Cuffy, M Min, MA, CPLC, NCC, LPC