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What I Provide In Coaching Services

No two people are the same. That’s why the approach that I take in my services is highly-personalized and refined to fit the exact needs of my clients. I will help you recognize your underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and help you adjust to a new, lifestyle post trauma in an Expressive way! Book a session today!



Coaching is quite different than a therapeutic relationship and is often confused to be the same or similar. We will discuss the differences between life coaching vs therapy in our initial call. As a certified trauma informed life coach, I will partner with you whether you are a teen or an adult to design a strategic plan using your unique gifts, talents, Expressive Arts, and personality for you to thrive and achieve your goals post trauma. Let's talk to see if a coaching relationship is the best choice for you during our free 15 minute Siloam Wellness Consultation.

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Group Coaching is a great way to be on a team with others who have overcome the hardships of trauma and the difficulties of it all. Together we will support, collaborate, and discover our gifts together in order to strategically design a plan to achieve our goals through the Expressive Arts. Book your free 15 minute Siloam Wellness Consultation to get started on your journey towards the life you deserve with those who prevailed over trauma just like you.

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